How we work
We are Projery. We are a friendly and professional team of 7 software developers. We are not an outsourcing company; we only work on products.
Our expertise
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Web Application Development
  • We have expertise in the most trendy and technically advanced frameworks.
  • We have developed many services within our team and we will try to use them for your product. They are well tested and highly extensible. You will definitely notice the result in the form of high development speed.
  • We have worked many times with integration with many popular social networks, APIs and services.
  • Each member of our team is a carrier of every skill from our stack. Our main stack is Node, PHP, Angular (Ionic), React (React Native)
Mobile Application Development
    We develop nice mobile apps for our products by utilizing following technologies:
  • The IONIC / Cordova software stack. The usage of the Ionic / Cordova technology stack implies the fastest pace of application development for Android and IOS platforms.
  • The React Native stack. The usage of the React Native stack implies the best balance between the development velocity and the applications quality.
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Development as an Investment
Development as an Investment is a cooperation model when you get a super-motivated development team at cost (usually very cheap), but at the same time share a small share of your company. This approach will be best for you in such cases:
  • You have a resource for development, but it is not enough to hire a team of qualified employees in the place where you are physically.
  • You do not want to deal with unmotivated and unreliable teams of outsourcers.
  • You want people who work on your product to treat it as your product.
Partnership is an excellent option for the case when you do not have the resources to develop the project. You will receive the required resource for free, but in return you will need to share a substantial share of the project. You will also need to conduct a convincing pitch. This approach will be best for you in such cases:
  • You have no means at all for developers, and you cannot cope with development on your own.
  • You are able to effectively solve all non-technical problems of the project.
  • You can convince us that for your part, you are engaged in your product as seriously and fully as possible.
Let's launch a product together
What kind of projects we do?
We are most experienced in the following areas.
E-commerce projects

E-commerce Projects

Online MarketplacesOnline ShopsPrice Aggregators
Fintech projects

Fintech Projects

Payment SystemsCouponators
Internal projects

Enterprise Apps

ERPCRMCustom internal solutions