product development


We focus on several major technology areas.

Big Data

Big Data

Big data in Edutech - generate customized programs for each specific student, by analyzing his previous studying experience and results.

Big data in Fintech - prediction of risks for each specific loan recipient, based on a comparison of data about this client with the historical data of the company or whole industry.

For solving these and many other tasks we utilize cutting-edge technologies like Hadoop, Apache Hive, HBase, MongoDB.

Web Development

Web Applications Development

Today everything is done on the web.

We develop performant Fintech web applications, CRM systems, financial reporting systems. Products we made work fast and are optimized for searching.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

We develop IOS, Android and cross-platform applications by utilizing the cutting edge technologies like react-native, ionic.

We create highly-usable and performant apps for iPhone, iPad, and also for Android devices. A good mobile application can become the main source of customers for the product. Mobile App is a number 1 priority for companies which operate in E-Commerce, delivery, dating, travel or music areas.

Therefore, we focus on the performance and convenience of a mobile application. We also understand the needs of a growing business and release applications quickly and often.



Blockchain is a disrupting technology which is going to be on a front line of innovations in finance, security and government systems.

The leading financial institutions are already issuing their own cryptocurrency assets. Moreover, blockchain is widely used for securing operations in the real estate market, micro-crediting, and other hot areas. We have already managed to gain experience in developing a decentralized application within our team, and we can apply this expertise to your product.

Are you ready to develop the next big thing?